From Damn Good Meals to Christmas

Hello everyone, mmmm things are still a little weird but how they have changed in such a short time:

Masks are not just for Halloween – we now co-ordinate them to our outfits, and yes I have a sparkly one.

Rule of Six - the new norm though some still can’t count. Going to the Loo - we have to be grown up - you can take the kids but not your best friend – aaahhhh!!

No gossip. 3 tiers - and we aren’t talking about wedding cakes – my Nephew got engaged and the in laws are trying to encourage them to get wed now while they can’t invite so many guests – I said bugger that (excuse me) but I want a reason to buy a hat and get dressed up!!

Bubbles – well that’s Champagne Darling obviously (in the old days).

Staycations – was that even a word? The new getaway in our own beautiful Country, love it.

10pm closing – we never closed early before.

But it’s all good, we will get over it at some point – but on a personal note I don’t want it so let’s all do what we are supposed to especially while you are here please x

I’m loving our new Winter Menu and we think you will too, yes we have Pheasant and Belly Pork as requested and lots of other lovelies that we’ve been tasting with you recently, no room to get them all on but some will reappear as one of our weekly specials that Aaron and the team will be doing (Meatballs Jenny – sorry xx)

Christmas will soon be upon us but we thought we would make it easier this year so we will be adding a Christmas lunch and Xmas pudding to our specials so you can have them whenever it takes your fancy and we don’t have to bother you with taking deposits.

You can always order one of our fantastic home made Xmas pudds to enjoy at home or send to Mum and Dad – in fact going one stage further you can pre order your food from us to do your own Christmas Party at home for Xmas Day or whenever you want to have a treat. We will provide everything you need and give you instructions as to how to heat it all up – what could be simpler – ask us for details.

Yorkshire Pub Foods Damn Good Range of Restaurant Ready Meals (yes that’s us) which our friends and tasters tell us are so much better than those in the Supermarkets – you’ll find it on the back of the Menu, and we have one you can take with you if you prefer – we are in the process of setting up an online shop for this too – so watch out for news on social media/ website etc – oh yes our website is having a makeover too – mm – note to self I need one too!

Don’t forget that you can still order our Hot Takeaways to collect or have delivered – so we have you covered whatever level you are in.

At the time of going to press – our Granddaughter has yet to make her debut with Aaron & Megan but you will definitely know about it when she does – I’m so excited xxx

Thanks so much for your fantastic support – we are doing our utmost to give you the best time, so if you’ve enjoyed it please share on facebook etc with a picture, a review, a rating, a check in - you all know it so much better than we do