Winter Update! 🌲

Hello again everyone, lots has changed since our last blog post...! I'd like to introduce you to Poppy, our much loved granddaughter who already has all of us wrapped around her little finger. Almost a year old and none of us, including proud parents Aaron and Megan, Aunty Amy, Uncle Rikki and Gran and Grumps (Megans parents) can ever imagine life without her - I know all of you of a certain age will know exactly how it is. 

What are we going to be called - well that's still a work in progress but probably Nana Nina and Pop.

Our leather menu books are back - woo hoo! The specials are back, and the blackboards are back for you to take a look at - yay!

It is good to have some kind of normality - though for now we are still asking our staff to wear masks, and we are keeping some screens in just in case. But we are putting tables together for you to celebrate in family groups was life is just to enjoy. Yes Santa will be here soon so please join in the festivities with us or see in 2022 here at the D and G! 

We hope you enjoy your visit and if you need anything please ask! We're all doing our best in these difficult times so good or bad please let us know rather than venting afterwards when we can't change it. 

Anita and Ross xx